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CANCELLED - Announcing the 2020 Project: Strong Women Leaders


Due to COVID-19,

this project has been postponed till further notice.  


I am a governance professional. But I also like to paint. I find it relaxing, kind of like meditation. Being a target/task driven means that simply painting is not enough. So just like in 2019, I kicked off the 2020 with a new project: Strong Women Leaders.

I knew I should continue with the focus on inspirational people, but this time allow my audience to access those interesting experts. My 2020 models are women from within my network. They bring distinctiveness and diversity to businesses. Many are not only strong experts in their field, but also passionate leaders of their lives. Allow me to “tell” their story.

The Autumn exhibition will be a celebration of their achievements, comprising of digitally painted portraits accompanied by the models' stories.


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