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Collection: Strong Women Leaders (limited edition)

Everything about this project ended up differently to how I originally planed it. The biggest disappointment of all was having to cancel the interviews. So what you see here are the very few portraits and stories I did get a chance to complete in 2020.

As always, the focus is on inspiration, and this time also on motivation that leads them. As I discover lives of these incredible women, I learn of what made them, who influenced them, what get’s them out of bed, how they think. There are similarities in characters, though each is pushing her own agenda and promotes the style she strongly believes in. There is a reason why I call them “strong”. They truly are!

What about the rest of the interviews you may ask?

Well, I decided that what was to be a collection of only ten portraits will now be a lifelong project. And so the journey continues!

ps. "Fiona" created using Procreate. This portrait can also be viewed at the Royal Cambrian Academy 2021 Exhibition (online only for now, with the exhibition to be staged at the RCA Gallery once government Covid guidlines allow).

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